Dido and Aeneas, Los Angeles Opera

”Couplings – Fatal, Emotional and Visual”The Wall Street Journal
“Another brilliantly unconventional stroke was the casting of three superb black countertenors as the Sorceress (John Holiday) and the two Witches (G. Thomas Allen and Darryl Taylor); their creepily pure high ranges, suggestion of gender ambiguity (aided by black dresses and hints of beards), and boisterous demeanor brought an extra frisson to their plotting of Dido’s downfall.”


“L.A. Opera’s Dark Double Bill, ‘Dido & Aeneas’ and Bluebeard’s Castle’ Shines”Frontiers Magazine
“One of Kosky’s most notable moves is casting three African-American countertenors as the Sorceress (John Holiday) and her witches (G. Thomas Allen and Darryl Taylor), roles typically sung by women. Watching the three substantial men cavort in drag and sing in falsetto as they plot Dido’s demise is both highly entertaining and deeply creepy.”


“LA Opera’s Dido and Aeneas and Bluebeard’s Castle: One Amusing and One Thought Provoking” L.A. Splash
“Special mention must be made of the sorcerer in that opera, countertenor John Holiday, playing a female witch with amazing voice and comedy chops, along with his two great assistant witches, countertenors G. Thomas Allen and Darryl Taylor.”


“Dido and Aeneas, Bluebeard’s Castle in a Duo at LA Opera”Huffington Post
“Outlandish comedy comes from a combo of a sorceress and two witches sung by an improbable assemblage of three African-American countertenors, led by recent Operalia winner John Holiday (the sorceress) with G. Thomas Allen and Darryl Taylor…The sketch leveled the audience with laughter.”


“L.A. Opera goes cutting edge in double bill of Purcell, Bartok”Los Angeles.Times
“The cross-dressing sorceress and witches, who connive to send Aeneas on his way, are scene-stealers. John Holiday, G. Thomas Allen and Darryl Taylor are advertised as the first tro of African American countertenors to appear together in an opera production…this is a trio of vibrant, flexible, funny Baroque singers who might have a road show of their own in their future.”


Orfeo ed Eurydice, De Utrechtse Spelen
Heerlijk! Orfeo (Darryl Taylor) was fenomenaal, zijn stem was déperfecte alt (naarallebegrippen). Hij had een ‘sterke’ stem (countertenors missenvaak de kracht in hun stem die anderestemsoorten – meestal – welhebben).
Magnificent! Orfeo (Darryl Taylor) was phenomenal, his voice was the perfect alto (so agreed everyone). His is a powerful voice (by contrast, countertenors often lack the strength of other voice types).
– Otje Blogt Clutuur


How Sweet the Sound – a charm of spirituals
“Darryl Taylor’s singing is masterful on this recording. He demonstrates long, legato lines, unbelievable breath-control, surprising high notes plucked out of the sky, and occasional blues riffs…”
– Oliver Camacho, The Countertenor Voice


“Very often, programs of African-American spirituals are performed either by chesty-voiced baritones or powerhouse sopranos. Less frequently, you’ll hear them performed by a countertenor — and less frequently still, by a countertenor with the kind of range, fluency, and delicacy of tone that characterize the singing of Darryl Taylor…and Taylor delivers everything with both penetrating musical insight and a light but sturdy grace. He is supported brilliantly throughout by pianist Brent McMunn. Very highly recommended.”

– Baker&Taylor CD Hotlist

Akhnaten, Long Beach Opera
“(Taylor) was superb (as Akhnaten)…You couldn’t really ask for more.”
– Out West Arts

“Taylor, who stepped in between the first and second performances, received a giant, and well-deserved, hand at the curtain. He has a fine, clear countertenor, and was especially good in the hymn to the sun god Aten, the longest solo in the opera.”
– San Francisco Classical Voice


“Darryl Taylor plumbed the greatness of Langston Hughes…He is intense without pleading and likable without effort…It’s an engaging dynamic, the way he comes to the audience and then lets the audience come to him. Singing or speaking, Taylor savored the beauty and power of Hughes’ writing and graciously shared it with the rest of us.”
– Tom Strini, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


“(Dreamer: A Portrait of Langston Hughes) grabs you and doesn’t let go. Darryl Taylor’s new CD is a collection of some twenty art songs that covers a wide range of expression and demonstrates just how versatile this singer can be with formidable powers of expression and a beautiful voice. This modern piece (Dreamer) demands of the singer an encyclopedic production of the vocal sounds found in spirituals, gospel music, blues, field hollers, and new age music and Darryl Taylor meets them all with no apparent strain or effort and with clear diction.”
– Artsong Update, Issue #15


“Dreamer is unquestionably the finest recording of original songs by black composers available today. The singing of Darryl Taylor demonstrates a vocal beauty, musicianship, and interpretive sensitivity that is rarely equaled.”


“Love Rejoices: Songs of H Leslie Adams…[is] a winner is every respect. Darryl Taylor is a joy to hear. He doesn’t sound like anyone else…he sounds like Darryl Taylor. Here we can listen to these two American artists as they ought to be heard, and we cannot fail to be impressed.”
– John Boyer, American Record Guide


“Rarely does one hear a perfect match of singer, pianist, and repertoire. Love Rejoices, a new compact disk containing a rich assortment of the masterful songs composed by Leslie Adams has that magic. Darryl Taylor’s rich voice and Ms. Guy’s sensitive accompanying meld perfectly. Mr. Taylor knows how to change his timbre from warm and luxurious to moody and dark, from very rhythmic to liquid. This is a wonderful listening experience.”
– Lindsey Eck, Eserver Review


“(Darryl Taylor) offered an uncommonly splendid and spiritual evening…(he) delighted us with a truly exciting recital ‘among friends.’ ”
– ABC, Barcelona, SPAIN


“(Darryl Taylor) not only has a beautiful voice, but moreover possesses a full range of expressive resources which he uses naturally. These qualities he has used in singing in the best concert halls of the world.”
– Nova Tàrrega, SPAIN